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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Arowana harvesting in Bukit Merah

After visiting the AROWANA Aquaculture farms in Bukit Merah the second time with the opportunity to observe on this occasion how fry are harvested, it appears to be a fairly easy and interesting trade to be involved in.

Basically it entails investing in a number of good matured arowanas, let them roam free in their allocated ponds, pay a fee for the farm owners to upkeep and maintain it, sit it out for a while and then check for fry every 2 months or so. Your rewards are the fry produced.
It appears to be so easy, I would like to stress the words "appears to be", as there will be risks involved that I might not, at this stage be aware of.

Excellent Specimens of Golden Arowana breeds found in the farms.

The Arowanas are mouth breeders and the males keep them in their mouth till the fry are matured enough to swim free.
Setting up the net to harvest fry.
Arowana in the net to be inspected.
Mouth of the Arowana being opened and inspected for the presence of fry.
Fry still with yolk sac attached to their belly emptied from the mouth of a caring male arowana.
Damaged fry with yolk sac still attached and unfertilised egg found during removal from the mouth.

Fry transferred to the nursery
One of the farms we visited whose owner is obviously a Hash House Harrier member.
Quarrantine tanks to give arowanas a breather in between hectic breeding schedules.
Chip implantation is done to give each Arowana an individual identity and to provide an avenue for ownership claims.
The chip in the chinese tea cup is about the size of a grain of rice.
Chip inserted into a syringe ready for implantation.
Chip being implanted.
Arowana being scanned for ID.
The "Siamese Twins" still going strong from my last visit.

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