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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Su Yee's first camp.

Overly excited of her first camping opportunity together with her classmates on her school compound during the weekend, you can see her eagerness for the weekend to start. It will be her first time to be away from us for one whole night.

Only senior girls are allowed to camp out.

Her sister Yan Yee, who is 4 years older than her and fresh from completing national service, as usual with her big sister’s “ I know better than you” attitude, childed her that it is not real camping, as it is not done out in the wilderness, sleeping under the stars with wild animals on the prowl.

Girl Guide Troopers and Cadet Corps assembly.

I have to agree that she is right to some extend to put things in the correct perspective. Sleeping in classrooms, attending astronomy talks in the school field during the night and eating Mc Donalds take away, doesn’t really qualify as camping out. And as for the wilderness, the only wild animals she is likely to encounter would be the canteen’s tom cat having a go at the resident sewage rat.

The Family

But as long as she wants to call it camping and are happy about it, we are all for it and is happy for her.

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