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Friday, May 2, 2008

My Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) hikes.

With a bit of time on my hands during this transitional period of my career change plans, I take hikes up Bukit Larut practically almost everyday, in the fervent hope of turning the clock back and making me a fit 20 year old again. I have been doing this for more than 2 months and results are so far quite positive, I lost 2 kilos of fat and feel a lot healthier albeit not any younger.

At the Foothills

There are two options one can take to hike up, the conventional tar road or the short cut through jungle tracks. Between the two, my normal routine would be to use the jungle track up and the tar road while coming down, it’s sort of a compromise, taking the jungle track both ways would be too strenuous for me. I intend to get as fit as possible but not die while doing it.
The destination is to reach the 3rd rest hut, taking about 45 minutes to do that and not to the top which takes about 3 hours, walking at normal speed non-stop.

The Jungle Track

On reaching my destination, the 3rd rest hut, I will normally take a break of 15 minutes to enjoy the cool serenity before heading back down, using the tar road.

Along the jungle track, there is always something new to see with its lush plant growth and rich animal life. I have often seen monkeys, squirrels and the occasional wild boar and snakes.
Today I chance upon a nice butterfly, purple chilli paddy plant and this beautiful red flower.

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thomas said...

Nice jungle trails