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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photos of Butterflies I come across.

The photos are all taken in the vicinity of Bukit Larut foothills. There are actually a lot more species of butterflies that I have come across, these are just the ones I manage to take photos of. The identification of butterflies is not as easy as I thought and it is possible I may get some of them wrong.
The Dot-Dash Sergeant, Common Sergeant and Yellow Archduke would be a good case in point, they look almost alike and the differences is only noticed when you take a closer look at the wing markings.

Dot-Dash Sergeant (Athyma Kanwa)

Common sergeant (Athyma Perius)

Yellow Archduke (Lexias Canescens Pardalina)
Some of them really look majestic and comes with wing span of about 10 cm, a good example would be the Common Birdwing.

Common Birdwing (Troides Helena Cerberus)

And then there are dull looking butterflies with grayish or light brown shades of colors.

Common Three Ring (Ypthima Pandocus Corticaria)

Dingy Bush Brown (Mycalesis Perseus Cepheus)
There is also a specimen of a Yellow Glassy Tiger that is not native to this country that has somehow made its way here from Taiwan.

Yellow Glassy Tiger (Parantica Aspasia)

Another non-native that has made its way south from Thailand, the Lemon Pansy.
Lemon Pansy (Junonia Lemonias)
My favorite is this butterfly with the common name of Commander.

Commander (Moduza Procris Milonia)

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