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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The cure all plant.

In my garden, there is a cure all plant locally known as Pegaga or Centella Asiatica if you want to get academic.
This plant is indegenous to the warmer climates, grows rampantly in the right environment and has a strong root system, getting rid of it from your 5 star lawn is a challenge.

If it is grown for the asthetic appeal, it is best done in pots to contain it from spreading like wild fire.

Traditionally, it is consumed fresh or crush into a juice. It can also be consumed in its crush and dried form, it seems efficacy in both forms are the same.
In my humble opinion, both forms will not make it into the top 1000 culinary delights known to mankind.
It taste exactly how you would imagine it would taste like, imagine crush spinach juice or better still, the green algae saturated water from my 1 month old unclean aquarium. The commercial juice version popularly available in most coffee shops in Ipoh sweeten with sugar and most probably supplemented with green color dye and diluted is not the real thing.

The cure all properties, reputedly is good for loss of memory to herpes zoster, what ever that is. Of course, no cure all plant is considered good if it doesn't claim it can cure cancer too.
Speaking as a full fledge meat eater, anyone who can stomach the ordeal of drinking this stuff, deserves to be cure of all illnesses and absolved from all past sins.

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