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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A week in Mid Valley - Kuala Lumpur.

It was one of those weeks where I have to face life’s reality of things I need to do to earn a living. Although it was an all expenses paid trip, I very much prefer to be in my jungle rather than this concrete one, given a choice.
But you might well say life is about making choices, what you are and what happens to you through your actions, is all about making choices. Fortunately, making a choice to make a decent living is pretty straight forward, you endure what you dislike along the way and attempts to enjoy it, to make it that little bit more interesting and tolerable.

I was put up in CitiTel, right smack in the middle of Mid Valley Shopping and Commercial Office Area, a huge place where I actually got myself lost in it on more than one occasion. From morning till about mid-night, the place is crowded with people every where, heading somewhere, hopefully ending somewhere.

Views from my room.

Trips like these always make me gain weight, it was hog heaven and I admit I pigged out, what with the nice breakfast buffet spread every morning at the Hotel and the sumptuous buffet lunch we had in another five star hotel nearby daily and nice tea breaks in between served with cream cakes and all, the break finally came at dinner time where it was up to the individual and all this over a killer five day period, not that I am complaining though - burp ;0).

Well, all good (and bad) things will eventually come to an end like they say and I am back home till my next reality trip. Meanwhile, cest la vie.

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