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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Butterflies I see.

I often see butterflies during my exercise excursions in the wilderness while performing my ongoing effort to keep off my ever increasing waistline and curiosity got the better of me the last few months and I have been taking photos of butterflies whenever I find one that is willing to have its photo taken. It certainly has made my tiring and monotonous walks much more interesting and rewarding.
Banded Swallow Tail (Papilio demolion)

Grand Imperial (Neocheritra amrita)

It is not an easy task, believe me, often times I find them more likely to flutter around than willing to stay stationary for me. But when the opportunity occurs, I start shooting, the simplicity and convenience of digital photography is amazing.

Banded Demon (Notocrypta paralysos varians)

Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites)

It is beginning to get more and more interesting by the day, more so when I realized that some of the species I had the privilege of encountering, is actually said to be rare.
Once a satisfactory photo is taken, I would attempt to identify them from materials available in the internet.

Lance Sergeant (Athyma pravara helma)

Cabbage White (Pieris canidia malayica)

Banded Demon (Notocrypta paralysos) ?? ???

There is one website that I find immensely helpful in this aspect, published as a guideline for identification of butterflies in Singapore ( ) it appears we do share a fair amount of identical species across the causeway.

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